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"Hey, rest assured, this time you do not see it, I had worried about Lang's heart is not enough suffering, enough to take up the heavy responsibility of leading home, but this time, you see him, to choose a proper way, do not blindly exterminate Huang Xing Wu a whole, but just take a branch, but also to make ensure the weapons were not much loss of Phoenix Star, he has to understand what should be round and what should stay and what should be destroyed, what shall protect! Oh, it seems I really She can be assured of fast home to him! "
"I dare girl high name name? Come from? Cleveland Villa Island is dominated by elves and orcs, how will the girl this and other superior combat power of human experts appear? Next Yanzhuo, hope the girl told the true identity."
"Enjoin!" Fancy butterfly suddenly emerge by Liu Qian's response shocked him. But soon shy Cross. After secretly aiming glances, covered with clothing, dark fury and this guy really is a pervert. Even coma ... ...

She took twenty-eight Lang Wu Huang Star Diamond in the text of the elders to stay to the Lone Star pride sent troops to take over Wu's arrival Phoenix Star, also received another one so cool She Lang is one of the messages.
Lin Lvpao people watching, looking very solemn, and that the bear is still cold sweats, stay in the moment is the honest side, and then not say anything.

Wu Huang Star Shejiayuan temporary branch establishment, Wu Huang Star external communication has just been restored, She Lang has received from the four home away from home She issued a joint invitation to go to White Yin Lang She invited Star Alliance once again negotiate the separation of five things.
Lin's face still naive faction, said: "My name is Xiao Lian, is a human right, from where I do not remember, but I come with the master ..." suddenly realized that I did not follow behind, she Some surprised authentic:
Not! ! ! Fancy butterfly surprised a moment, he's continued vitality is not dissipated in it? A dying person, how would ... immediately exclaimed to suppress the idea, but also gently break apart Liu Qian of the ignorant, to see that the pupil is still spread, there is no look look. Damo again, or look in the continuing vitality of the weak down, but if the first inspection and more careful, but it is exactly the same, without distinction.

The invitation came just in time to stay Wu Huang Star these days, She is also worried about Lang, the other four should be how to deal with this separation, by Wu Huang Star battle, She Lang know, I am afraid that the strength of this separation than five text Analysis of the elders had more powerful, have relied on the fear that one person is certainly not just Wu Junming, the separation of the other four did not know what they dare to confront with confidence and Shejiayuan chips, and if so off down one after another, I am afraid She is also not Lang's wish.
"Hey! Master? I still have next to the master, how gone?"

At this point they go to the nearby White Yin star is probably not ready to talk about the conditions is to prepare backs against the wall, so She is also co-Lang's mind, the four star Yin Department of Health in white, I am afraid even to destroy the entire white Yin Xing, Lang She also felt the loss not too large.
"... And you master?"
"So he pretended to be dead in the ... ...!" Fancy butterfly reeling almost want to fall, some dumbfounding. This guy is a real loss of his doing it? His sisters anxious to die, despite all the anti-male and female, shy face down to his healing. But unexpectedly was in his treacherous. The guy, now my heart is very proud of it in also Zhibu Ding.

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 his practice Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

No, I just had just led the kamikaze club brothers converted joy to teach, be happy that men do not know what Mitang filling the old guy even listen to his mercy, no longer looked down into my old boss, If the defection is definitely worth at the moment. Moreover, the happy days of deep skill, is his rare rival, things to different constituencies in the great unity of the ideal would be wasted.
Yin Ji nodded and said: "Yes, know how to do next." Zhao said no to wind around.

Observation for a while, Juggernaut Miyamoto six Tibetan Feng Taishun see that too does not seem to pay attention to their heart, evil evil again to curse uttered, they do not looked down on their own, but it is fierce eyes full of hatred.
See Yin Ji Zhao calm frightened voice came to his side could not help cried: "Master, Master, you let me."

Mother, the Juggernaut had heard my joy to teach the old Church of holy water very mysterious, if the pool into which the baptism of God, by vigorous level of real dollars do not say, but pray enchant the gods, but get big benefit from my protoss to practice! The Juggernaut is not only with God, the Association's submission of joy to teach, but also donated their own initiative all the financial, without which the delay is still the leader of the baptism of joy, why this stuff out of thin air Bong Taishun dog there so the opportunities?
Yinji shook his head and said: "No wind, you know the future is good from it." Zhao said no wind, waste palm cultivation.

Bong Taishun say at the moment that the air slowly stared into the mist cloud the joy of the ancient Buddha image, seems to hesitate in hesitation, he the dull, suddenly fell down to the faithful around the Murder big play, round after round of evil cold cold eyes stabbed shot over.
Zhao was no wind, waste of a repair Yinji, suddenly screams as the ball deflated air about change a lot of old, vicious stare at me and clean one, staggered down the mountain away, to see if he can survive this way estimates How long, no one thought for a moment not to assassinate him, and almost led to a war.

By. Good sharp, ah, where is the compassion that Buddhist shrine, simply chilly wind blowing robber nest ah. The uncle is just a little bit slow to let your fierce look absolutely shattered, torn wished he could eat me.
Waste such as Yin Ji Zhao after the repair is no wind I said to her: "In the future sovereign of the place you put it to you that this great disciple it." Yinji busy nodded and said: "Yes."

The boy is happy hearts underestimated. Look at these circumstances, this guy is still hesitant to name Bong hesitation, it seems the magic is not my sound effects, let him be baptized, he was constantly in. Shrink the end of the first reduction, which is much joy adult leader of blasphemy and disrespect Oh!
I had to move any non-pro move, said: "Come on over."

Joy boy's face immediately droop down, become cold, but he did not believe they will fail, to his mother, his practice for several years, but only trained in "Angels magic sound" has always been time-tested, how could a just stick to resist the entry of South Korea failed? Do not understand, ah, do not understand.
Ho Mei hear me say no abnormal surprised not help, she think I would choose her to do this sovereign of the place, then called her to see me, busy, said: "son, my repair is not enough to do this it is not the sovereign of the place . "

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Universe grudge palm once started, the clutch withdrawal of forces of yin and yang change, suddenly a distorted leave, let the man move difficult, although again and again hit the edge of the red gas, but had torn away much of the direction, would not achieve threats. Then, after a dozen strokes, should the universe secret grudge fine mesh wire, cloth has become increasingly thick, straight entangled if the Tigers as a huge spider web.
After calling a few times, Yuner still no response, I suddenly felt something wrong with that, just maybe, Yuner of sleeping is the other means a detention miles.

Weir's playing along, seeing that armor men play a mind empty gas edge was sharply increased the flow of the universe impulsive tilt with the upper body, exposing the flaws boss, immediately Roushen close, beat Pen away. Zhang Yuan is about to hit in the armor of the time, an unease suddenly my mind, but then withdraw back too late, can only fight on the teeth.
If Yuner wake up, I believe I still have the ability to her away from here, but carrying a person, a lot of difficulty, the latter arrangement will be more trouble, because I do not want to reveal their identity so soon.
The three, including Mei Liya, including Saint-level master, like a lot of circumstances and luck. As the Dark Knight is Liu Qian and showed their movement, speed can not keep up. Explosion Arcane Explosion from that central location, a difference between a full two thousand meters, just wave the magic burst on the finish, so get them on a panic response.

Qi Jin suddenly burst, and that armor strong exception to the condensation of a hill H Zhang Li Ping, played up the general went so far as fallen on barren ground, totally did not respond. Virgin heart Anjiao fooled, dodge left palm Lian Hui Ji Xuan, a series of hit eighteen Qi Jin, from the gas block with Pofu edge. Show the enemy with a weak, defensive back, any how slippery Virgin agility, and now only Yingjie.
From the official side, I am now a good chance of identity plot against each other's heads in order to eventually get our turn to come back.

Lian-fried sound from Perak, I do not know what kind of edge that the gas properties, Qi Jin still an inch away from the blade, they were detonated one after another, eighteen Qijin only a little slow a bit Daoshi, a burst of freezing cold into the body, Weir knew he had in the move. Although not clear in the end there are multiple injuries, but to the knife again, most of his life is gone, only Jitui Virginia, hoping to avoid this disaster.
From selfishness, I want to Yuner rescued, without anybody knowing God sent her to a safe place to hide, you can also come back to play, "Joan," the idea of ??miles.
God just set Liu Qian, the eyesight to see all the way Meili Ya right, tight heart be relieved. Look at the cast Arcane Explosion culprit Dark Knight, is suspended in the air crumbling. Been hollowed out like a whole person in general, do not say pale, and even skin wrinkles are showing up. For this ultra-dangerous enemy, continue to survive, then he probably is an insult to intelligence Liu Qian. But this time-saver infuriating almost exhausted, Liu Qian only managed to remove from the storage ring a fierce dragon gun, muzzle aimed at that level of God shook the dark knight.

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  becomes more acute Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Leiden hotel to pick the Bindu Phantom traffic is very spacious, Renault sitting position Fujia depressed listening to two women behind the brief conversation, the girl does something special, some words slightly magnetic hoarse voice, do not know She called Ceylon days after the singer what to sing what a generation of style songs, is it rock it?
I saw him bent over a will Zhongdao Lin raised up from the ground, pointing out the right, aligned Zhongdao Lin shoulders Mengchuo two, with the "pop" twice Qing Xiang, Tauren's fingers, like ash-like Chuoru the Zhongdao Lin plug shoulder, finger roots with the Tauren, the two shares suddenly ejected blood line, left two deep holes visible blood, bone, blood constantly emerge outwards.

Even in high definition in front of the rainbow, the girl had also been very restrained, while
Then with a wire loop Tauren shoulders Pipa Gu penetrate the Zhongdao Lin, and another wearing a scapular wire, tied his hand behind the two, then got thick chains, like rice dumplings will Zhongdao Lin upper body firmly tied, leaving only little action so that he could under the legs, feet, ankles but also has an iron chain nothing.
When police arrived as the Secretary Chen, Plain City, the military presence of the leaders have all arrived, he was the last to the. Hundreds of people were abducted in Plainfield Jianshiyilai this is the first time, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Qin Lei Wen Ruiqiong are plain to the police station to discuss countermeasures.

Clear rainbow do not need such a fuss, but not completion while allowing Renault refused HD Rainbow Duoliaoyifen disdain for this girl's mind, this hypocrisy when it comes to playing these fancy, is not it a bit too far ?
This cruel method of tie people, is a royal order to prevent the escape of all cheap slave, or against the design.

Back to the hotel after Leiden, HD rainbow before becoming formally introduced to Eva and Renault each other, just look the other cool Jean Reno was very hurt, especially the last one and clear private things to talk about yourself with rainbow discourse is to avoid feeling anger and humiliation Jean Reno, when he is reduced to the position being sent understatement, just look at the definition under the rainbow of regret he may not attack, only to return alone next door to his dingy room drink alone.
Even the mighty fierce bear clan, with the lion tribe of people in martial arts, once they are locked Pipa Gu, is nothing without the strength to make up, let alone run away, even walking a long time may die at any time point out, only trampled upon.
Small meeting minutes, police officers and local police forces armed with the starting unit, immediately rushed to the scene, the first control site, to prevent criminal damage to nearby residents, the negotiations simultaneously.

Rock started in the glass, Renault comfortable enjoying the benefits of this luxurious suite, as it has been paying the price, and he is not polite, a big kind of access is though, this hybrid of fact and fortified wines on the planet Spain sherry taste less, a lot of alcohol is high, but this just right for Renault, a rich mixture of fragrance to his intuition becomes more acute.
See Zhongdao Lin royal face a trembling tied very firmly, thought this kid than this, just do not know what is scary to use magic, so a surprise to his careful cultivation of the bear to turn over palm between the dry, although the heart angry, but the thought of soon after the power to set out this exquisite exercises also won over.

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Coupled with this planet has good transport pipeline, extending in all directions, although he more than 30 times Earth's population, but living in this one, life is orderly, to become one of the most popular immigration planet.
I do not know the body can absorb the strange fire is fighting for a "phoenix body" war can be, or something else, I appeared at the same time, easily be turned into a powerful fighting force with the "war to Huanshou" as to why I was actually fighting to Huanshou Silver Phoenix, then only God knows.
Liu Qian's words have not yet finished, kinky dragon on the "wow" is heard shrieking rapid escape, flapping wings whirring issued hurricane. Its speed, even Liu Qian is also surprised. Lamented the death of the name of the first really powerful enough, enough high-handed.

But it? Dragon of the planet to truly become a member can not be easy, peak wind warrior here, if not necessarily martial accomplishments, even if you have million consistent family property never get anywhere. Because of this, Dragon Star strong clouds, the number of other planets for more than six items rare master, where almost everywhere, and Denon is known as a military hospital martial holy "saints Church" outside of the first martial arts talent training center.
Perhaps, had the golden phoenix is ??the metamorphosis of the absorption for a "phoenix body" the power of fire is to war, because the integration of the chaos of the Force, therefore, to only come up with a nondescript silver Phoenix come?

Think of these, She had 120,000 points Lang heart matter idea what machine, to change their shape.
My specious "day Phoenix body" volley lap, the "saint" of course not pose a real threat. "Virgin" Piaoshen back temporarily to avoid my edge, then, genuine "day of Phoenix itself," another show, with the "Fengwujiutian" the agility, "Joan" stature again, "fission" as many as dozens, from all directions to a flood attack to me.
Direct to the sea dragon kinky hard all day, Jiyu close to the coastline when suddenly the air around a tight, has been distant with the atmosphere is also rich with the amount of it. Liu Qian Long prostitution large standing back, standing against the body, distant gaze into the distance. Just drill out the arms of the snow probe head, and immediately shrink back.

Just empty, and he and Mr. Wang Zhi Nalan inclement enough to force him in the Dragon House control of the planet unable to move. She wanted to take a look, but Lang's own children. If in the future to know Nalan months past his home without, I am afraid that her character will be sudden, something that is impossible to estimate.
This time, the "Virgin" is clearly best, not only faster than doubled, the entire space was filled with the blazing Yan Jin, intensity is also higher than the first cast, "Fengwujiutian" is with a very impressive growth.

She Lang does not know is whether it is empty or Nalan Xian-Zhi, said such things are impossible to listen to outsiders, he made everything superfluous.
If not experienced the center of the earth lava exercise, only the exposure to such a hot space, they can make me feel suffocated.
Liu Qian mouth revealing a silk smile and gently patted the arms of snow: "What are they afraid? Death, and I am not even God of War is according to play?" Of course these words, but Liu said the joke potential. God of War guy was badly hurt until after the fall of this end. Death does not hurt that guy is not only, in the God of War there is no inch of this million years, is in constant practice, not the strength of Mars is now used to be measured.

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