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Leiden hotel to pick the Bindu Phantom traffic is very spacious, Renault sitting position Fujia depressed listening to two women behind the brief conversation, the girl does something special, some words slightly magnetic hoarse voice, do not know She called Ceylon days after the singer what to sing what a generation of style songs, is it rock it?
I saw him bent over a will Zhongdao Lin raised up from the ground, pointing out the right, aligned Zhongdao Lin shoulders Mengchuo two, with the "pop" twice Qing Xiang, Tauren's fingers, like ash-like Chuoru the Zhongdao Lin plug shoulder, finger roots with the Tauren, the two shares suddenly ejected blood line, left two deep holes visible blood, bone, blood constantly emerge outwards.

Even in high definition in front of the rainbow, the girl had also been very restrained, while
Then with a wire loop Tauren shoulders Pipa Gu penetrate the Zhongdao Lin, and another wearing a scapular wire, tied his hand behind the two, then got thick chains, like rice dumplings will Zhongdao Lin upper body firmly tied, leaving only little action so that he could under the legs, feet, ankles but also has an iron chain nothing.
When police arrived as the Secretary Chen, Plain City, the military presence of the leaders have all arrived, he was the last to the. Hundreds of people were abducted in Plainfield Jianshiyilai this is the first time, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Qin Lei Wen Ruiqiong are plain to the police station to discuss countermeasures.

Clear rainbow do not need such a fuss, but not completion while allowing Renault refused HD Rainbow Duoliaoyifen disdain for this girl's mind, this hypocrisy when it comes to playing these fancy, is not it a bit too far ?
This cruel method of tie people, is a royal order to prevent the escape of all cheap slave, or against the design.

Back to the hotel after Leiden, HD rainbow before becoming formally introduced to Eva and Renault each other, just look the other cool Jean Reno was very hurt, especially the last one and clear private things to talk about yourself with rainbow discourse is to avoid feeling anger and humiliation Jean Reno, when he is reduced to the position being sent understatement, just look at the definition under the rainbow of regret he may not attack, only to return alone next door to his dingy room drink alone.
Even the mighty fierce bear clan, with the lion tribe of people in martial arts, once they are locked Pipa Gu, is nothing without the strength to make up, let alone run away, even walking a long time may die at any time point out, only trampled upon.
Small meeting minutes, police officers and local police forces armed with the starting unit, immediately rushed to the scene, the first control site, to prevent criminal damage to nearby residents, the negotiations simultaneously.

Rock started in the glass, Renault comfortable enjoying the benefits of this luxurious suite, as it has been paying the price, and he is not polite, a big kind of access is though, this hybrid of fact and fortified wines on the planet Spain sherry taste less, a lot of alcohol is high, but this just right for Renault, a rich mixture of fragrance to his intuition becomes more acute.
See Zhongdao Lin royal face a trembling tied very firmly, thought this kid than this, just do not know what is scary to use magic, so a surprise to his careful cultivation of the bear to turn over palm between the dry, although the heart angry, but the thought of soon after the power to set out this exquisite exercises also won over.

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