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Coupled with this planet has good transport pipeline, extending in all directions, although he more than 30 times Earth's population, but living in this one, life is orderly, to become one of the most popular immigration planet.
I do not know the body can absorb the strange fire is fighting for a "phoenix body" war can be, or something else, I appeared at the same time, easily be turned into a powerful fighting force with the "war to Huanshou" as to why I was actually fighting to Huanshou Silver Phoenix, then only God knows.
Liu Qian's words have not yet finished, kinky dragon on the "wow" is heard shrieking rapid escape, flapping wings whirring issued hurricane. Its speed, even Liu Qian is also surprised. Lamented the death of the name of the first really powerful enough, enough high-handed.

But it? Dragon of the planet to truly become a member can not be easy, peak wind warrior here, if not necessarily martial accomplishments, even if you have million consistent family property never get anywhere. Because of this, Dragon Star strong clouds, the number of other planets for more than six items rare master, where almost everywhere, and Denon is known as a military hospital martial holy "saints Church" outside of the first martial arts talent training center.
Perhaps, had the golden phoenix is ??the metamorphosis of the absorption for a "phoenix body" the power of fire is to war, because the integration of the chaos of the Force, therefore, to only come up with a nondescript silver Phoenix come?

Think of these, She had 120,000 points Lang heart matter idea what machine, to change their shape.
My specious "day Phoenix body" volley lap, the "saint" of course not pose a real threat. "Virgin" Piaoshen back temporarily to avoid my edge, then, genuine "day of Phoenix itself," another show, with the "Fengwujiutian" the agility, "Joan" stature again, "fission" as many as dozens, from all directions to a flood attack to me.
Direct to the sea dragon kinky hard all day, Jiyu close to the coastline when suddenly the air around a tight, has been distant with the atmosphere is also rich with the amount of it. Liu Qian Long prostitution large standing back, standing against the body, distant gaze into the distance. Just drill out the arms of the snow probe head, and immediately shrink back.

Just empty, and he and Mr. Wang Zhi Nalan inclement enough to force him in the Dragon House control of the planet unable to move. She wanted to take a look, but Lang's own children. If in the future to know Nalan months past his home without, I am afraid that her character will be sudden, something that is impossible to estimate.
This time, the "Virgin" is clearly best, not only faster than doubled, the entire space was filled with the blazing Yan Jin, intensity is also higher than the first cast, "Fengwujiutian" is with a very impressive growth.

She Lang does not know is whether it is empty or Nalan Xian-Zhi, said such things are impossible to listen to outsiders, he made everything superfluous.
If not experienced the center of the earth lava exercise, only the exposure to such a hot space, they can make me feel suffocated.
Liu Qian mouth revealing a silk smile and gently patted the arms of snow: "What are they afraid? Death, and I am not even God of War is according to play?" Of course these words, but Liu said the joke potential. God of War guy was badly hurt until after the fall of this end. Death does not hurt that guy is not only, in the God of War there is no inch of this million years, is in constant practice, not the strength of Mars is now used to be measured.

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