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No, I just had just led the kamikaze club brothers converted joy to teach, be happy that men do not know what Mitang filling the old guy even listen to his mercy, no longer looked down into my old boss, If the defection is definitely worth at the moment. Moreover, the happy days of deep skill, is his rare rival, things to different constituencies in the great unity of the ideal would be wasted.
Yin Ji nodded and said: "Yes, know how to do next." Zhao said no to wind around.

Observation for a while, Juggernaut Miyamoto six Tibetan Feng Taishun see that too does not seem to pay attention to their heart, evil evil again to curse uttered, they do not looked down on their own, but it is fierce eyes full of hatred.
See Yin Ji Zhao calm frightened voice came to his side could not help cried: "Master, Master, you let me."

Mother, the Juggernaut had heard my joy to teach the old Church of holy water very mysterious, if the pool into which the baptism of God, by vigorous level of real dollars do not say, but pray enchant the gods, but get big benefit from my protoss to practice! The Juggernaut is not only with God, the Association's submission of joy to teach, but also donated their own initiative all the financial, without which the delay is still the leader of the baptism of joy, why this stuff out of thin air Bong Taishun dog there so the opportunities?
Yinji shook his head and said: "No wind, you know the future is good from it." Zhao said no wind, waste palm cultivation.

Bong Taishun say at the moment that the air slowly stared into the mist cloud the joy of the ancient Buddha image, seems to hesitate in hesitation, he the dull, suddenly fell down to the faithful around the Murder big play, round after round of evil cold cold eyes stabbed shot over.
Zhao was no wind, waste of a repair Yinji, suddenly screams as the ball deflated air about change a lot of old, vicious stare at me and clean one, staggered down the mountain away, to see if he can survive this way estimates How long, no one thought for a moment not to assassinate him, and almost led to a war.

By. Good sharp, ah, where is the compassion that Buddhist shrine, simply chilly wind blowing robber nest ah. The uncle is just a little bit slow to let your fierce look absolutely shattered, torn wished he could eat me.
Waste such as Yin Ji Zhao after the repair is no wind I said to her: "In the future sovereign of the place you put it to you that this great disciple it." Yinji busy nodded and said: "Yes."

The boy is happy hearts underestimated. Look at these circumstances, this guy is still hesitant to name Bong hesitation, it seems the magic is not my sound effects, let him be baptized, he was constantly in. Shrink the end of the first reduction, which is much joy adult leader of blasphemy and disrespect Oh!
I had to move any non-pro move, said: "Come on over."

Joy boy's face immediately droop down, become cold, but he did not believe they will fail, to his mother, his practice for several years, but only trained in "Angels magic sound" has always been time-tested, how could a just stick to resist the entry of South Korea failed? Do not understand, ah, do not understand.
Ho Mei hear me say no abnormal surprised not help, she think I would choose her to do this sovereign of the place, then called her to see me, busy, said: "son, my repair is not enough to do this it is not the sovereign of the place . "

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