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- Yin Department
- his practice
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Universe grudge palm once started, the clutch withdrawal of forces of yin and yang change, suddenly a distorted leave, let the man move difficult, although again and again hit the edge of the red gas, but had torn away much of the direction, would not achieve threats. Then, after a dozen strokes, should the universe secret grudge fine mesh wire, cloth has become increasingly thick, straight entangled if the Tigers as a huge spider web.
After calling a few times, Yuner still no response, I suddenly felt something wrong with that, just maybe, Yuner of sleeping is the other means a detention miles.

Weir's playing along, seeing that armor men play a mind empty gas edge was sharply increased the flow of the universe impulsive tilt with the upper body, exposing the flaws boss, immediately Roushen close, beat Pen away. Zhang Yuan is about to hit in the armor of the time, an unease suddenly my mind, but then withdraw back too late, can only fight on the teeth.
If Yuner wake up, I believe I still have the ability to her away from here, but carrying a person, a lot of difficulty, the latter arrangement will be more trouble, because I do not want to reveal their identity so soon.
The three, including Mei Liya, including Saint-level master, like a lot of circumstances and luck. As the Dark Knight is Liu Qian and showed their movement, speed can not keep up. Explosion Arcane Explosion from that central location, a difference between a full two thousand meters, just wave the magic burst on the finish, so get them on a panic response.

Qi Jin suddenly burst, and that armor strong exception to the condensation of a hill H Zhang Li Ping, played up the general went so far as fallen on barren ground, totally did not respond. Virgin heart Anjiao fooled, dodge left palm Lian Hui Ji Xuan, a series of hit eighteen Qi Jin, from the gas block with Pofu edge. Show the enemy with a weak, defensive back, any how slippery Virgin agility, and now only Yingjie.
From the official side, I am now a good chance of identity plot against each other's heads in order to eventually get our turn to come back.

Lian-fried sound from Perak, I do not know what kind of edge that the gas properties, Qi Jin still an inch away from the blade, they were detonated one after another, eighteen Qijin only a little slow a bit Daoshi, a burst of freezing cold into the body, Weir knew he had in the move. Although not clear in the end there are multiple injuries, but to the knife again, most of his life is gone, only Jitui Virginia, hoping to avoid this disaster.
From selfishness, I want to Yuner rescued, without anybody knowing God sent her to a safe place to hide, you can also come back to play, "Joan," the idea of ??miles.
God just set Liu Qian, the eyesight to see all the way Meili Ya right, tight heart be relieved. Look at the cast Arcane Explosion culprit Dark Knight, is suspended in the air crumbling. Been hollowed out like a whole person in general, do not say pale, and even skin wrinkles are showing up. For this ultra-dangerous enemy, continue to survive, then he probably is an insult to intelligence Liu Qian. But this time-saver infuriating almost exhausted, Liu Qian only managed to remove from the storage ring a fierce dragon gun, muzzle aimed at that level of God shook the dark knight.

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i would like to know where did you got these thoughts from?

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